Inline Irrigation System


Has in-built filters to ensure that the drip lines dont get clogged for a long time and also has inline drippers that do not get chocked easily because of scaling.

Drip Irrigation or Water irrigation is one of the major issues. In areas where there is shortage of water is major problem, a new concept called “Drip irrigation”has evolved. Also known as Trickle irrigation, in this process, water slowly drips in to the soil to the roots of the tree or the plants. The complete process is implemented on farm soil by using pipes, tubes. The Dripping can be done on root layer or the soil surface in the farms. Micro spray heads are also used as devices in Drip irrigation. It sprays water in relatively small area than the water emitters. Another type of Drip irrigation called subsurface irrigation consists of driper lines or drip tape installed permanently or temporarily below the roots.

Drip irrigation system is generally installed on large scale basis. The overall system is little bit complex but after the implementation, the output is wonderful. Various components used in Drip irrigation systems are Filtration systems, Fertigation systems, Backwash controller, inline system.. In most of the Drip irrigation system, water clogging is main problem which affects the overall system. Therefore, proper care and maintenance should be taken in filtering and pipeline works.

Thus the modern drip irrigation has become the most useful and important innovation in farming sector. 

The Advantages 

Drip or trickle irrigation is a very efficient method of applying water and nutrients to crops. For many crops, the conversion from sprinkler to drip irrigation can reduce water use by 50 percent. 

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