easy start to growing vegetable on your rooftop

Organic Soilless Medium

Highly porous, extremely lightweight, rich with microbial cultures and minerals.

Automatic Drip System

Triggered by a digital timer, based on an annual water management chart.

Sub-Surface Drainage

Ensures 100% drainage of extra water, eliminates waterlogging, saves plants from damage due to over-watering

Leak Proof Containers

UV-protected, 7-layer, completely leakproof, no heat-sealed joints.

Online Support System

Using instructional videos, charts and diagrams, online troubleshooting and rectifications

Organic Input Kit

Organic foliar sprays and root applications, for pest/disease/nutrient management of veg plants


Generating Leed Points

A green wall directly gets 2 LEED points and helps gain an additional 30 points for LEED Green Building certification

Cooling of Building

Creates a natural green cover on the exposed exterior walls, creates a cool micro-climate in interiors

Production of Fresh Oxygen

A lot of fresh Oxygen is getting produced.

Absorption of Outdoor / Indoor Air Pollution

Natural air filters, absorb airborne pollutants like VOCs, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde etc

Reduction in Noise Pollution

Can significantly reduce the decibels of ambient noises

Enhancing Property Value

By making the property more aesthetic, offering LEED credits (direct 2 credits + 30 additonal credits) for green building certification

Devbhoomi Dairy Milk Subscription

Choose Monthly Subscription for Devbhoomi Dairy Milk. And Pay Monthly by Devbhoomi Dairy Credit Account.

1/2 L

₹30 Per Day

1 L

₹60 Per Day

2 L

₹120 Per Day


For prophylactic and symptomatic management of a wide variety of pests and for accelerating reproductive growth leading to increased flowering and fruiting.

Yellow sticky trap for trapping small flying insects and Pheromone trap for trapping fruit fly.

For giving nutrients to a growing plant and for recharging the nutrient profile after a crop harvest.

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